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Biannual cleanings provide your
teeth with a chance to be free of
plaque or tartar.

Root Canal therapy

Root Canals are a pain-free procedure and very helpful in the preservation of the average set of teeth.


Periodontal disease or gum disease, is an infection of the tissues that hold
your teeth in place.


Treatment options like crowns, bridges, fillings, and dentures maintain the health and appearance of your smile long term.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Treatment options include implant restoration, veneers and whitening.

Oral surgery & Emergency Treatment

We do our best to save the teeth you have, but sometimes a tooth may need to be extracted.

Why choose us?

World class dentistry

Star Dental, office of Dr. Carson Dial, located in Star, Idaho is a world-class family dentistry practice. Built on a solid reputation for providing quality, affordable care to our patients in a comforting, family-friendly environment.

We Help You Shine

We offer comprehensive preventative treatment, including exams, cleanings, and emergency care. Dr. Dial and the staff come to work everyday with a smile and ready to treat YOU like family, because that is what you are!

Experienced & Caring Staff

Star Dental is dedicated to providing education as we serve our patients with compassion and respect. We want you to feel comfortable with the care provided and make sure that every patient leaves our office with a clear understanding of their specific care plan.

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